VIDYX and RARA reached a strategic cooperation to jointly explore NFT and fan economy

VIDYX and RARA have established a strategic partnership, according to which both parties will leverage their respective strengths and share resources to highlight the value of NFT in the real world, especially in the fan economy.

The RARA project aims to create an access point of rare and collectible NFTs for users. RARA’s value stems from the system that has been created to make NFTs viral, and discoverable to its users. So that artists/ creators can find a better market for their work. The RARA system’s selling point is their mystery box farming technique along with their proprietary DEX that facilitates the exchange of tokens, treasures and IPs all in one place.

VIDYX is bullish on the combination of fan economy and NFT and is committed to unlocking its huge potential in the entertainment industry. It is currently building a blockchain-based fan interaction platform where IPs and brands of all types are able to deliver value with their fans.

VIDYX can effectively transform its rich IP resources into NFT merchants and enrich the usage scenarios for fan tokens. The RARA platform’s innovative NFT solution will fully unlock the value of these IP resources.

After the partnership, VIDYX and RARA will jointly develop more quality IPs and find more creators. By giving full play of the fan engagement platform and IP resources provided by VIDYX, the two parties will promote the prosperity of NFT market and fan economy.

About RARA

RARA project aims to bring the best artists, IPs and companies in front of a plethora of high profile global buyers, through a NFT marketplace experience that is unparalleled. RARA wants its Mystery Box idea to become the best NFT experience for buyers as well as sellers. RARA’s mission is to cater to a higher society within the NFT space, a higher society of buyers as well as a higher society of sellers.


VIDYX aims to build an on-chain fan engagement platform that empowers all types of brands to interact with fans in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. Powered by the world’s first video embedded layer and NLP protocol developed by VIDYX, its technology is used by more than 50 global media companies such as CNN, CNBC, Vogue, Esquire, Hearst Media China among many others, sits on over 10bn monthly page views of inventory, and has over 150mil of user base exposure monthly.

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The Gateway to Web 3.0 Fan Engagement Metaverse For Digital Media and Entertainment.

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The Gateway to Web 3.0 Fan Engagement Metaverse For Digital Media and Entertainment.

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